Professional Program Management

Q-Value’s Professional Program Managers act as your boots on the ground no matter what stage in development your product is in. Our Program Managers engages our Engineering, Materials, and Quality Management teams to achieve on time delivery of your product with world class quality. From day one our Program Managers will determine what your product/process needs are, establish a clear roadmap for your product’s lifecycle, liaise with our procurement and materials teams to establish competitive pricing, and continually interface with you as the customer to ensure your goals are successfully met by our team.

At Q-Value Add, we value the relationships we have with our clients. We aim to establish a positive, mutually beneficial relationship by getting to know our clients’ preferences and expectations. Whether it be daily updates via email, weekly project team calls, or quick catch-up calls via Skype on a day-to-day basis, we meet you where you’re most comfortable and we work hard to ensure you’re satisfied. Our Program Managers diverse cultural and professional backgrounds allow our clients to work with someone who speaks their language, understands their goals and objectives, and can easily integrate themselves into your business as a true team player.

Q-Value Add specializes in New Product Introduction (NPI) work and has a track record of successfully launching new product lines for Fortune 500 companies. To date, Q-Value Add has shipped over 100 million successfully completed units which have helped our customers generate billions of dollars in revenue. Contact Us today to learn how our Professional Program Managers can bring your product’s concept into reality and start generating more revenue for your business.