Who We Are


Q-Value Add’s mission is to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive price by offering unique and strategic global sourcing solutions


Q-Value Add aspires to become the overall leader in global sourcing solutions for all areas of manufacturing and supply chain management, offering unmatched creativity, innovation, quality and excellence


At Q-Value Add, we believe in manufacturing excellence – from the products on our manufacturing lines and the services we offer our customers to the quality of training and opportunity for growth we offer our employees. Excellent products and services start with a dedicated and motivated team.

In recognition of this, Q-Value has found the following goals to be the core of our business:

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE : We always offer exceptional and engaging customer service on-time, every time.

UNBEATABLE VALUE : We strive to deliver the highest quality goods and services at the most cost-competitive price, giving our customers an unbeatable value.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT : We challenge ourselves and our suppliers to continuously improve upon best-in-class manufacturing services and practices through additional training, research and development, and testing.

FLEXIBILITY AND INNOVATION : We think outside of the box to innovate new solutions and strategies for any problem a customer may encounter in the development of their products.

TEAMWORK : We believe offering our employees an environment where they can learn, grow, and develop fine-tuned skills translates into a valuable tool for success for all our customers, suppliers, and investors.

A Message from Q-Value’s President

What is Q-Value all about? Q-Value Add is about creating value propositions for everyone concerned. We achieve this for our customers, employees, and investors by creating a value-added environment to excel and achieve. Being a niche company and providing a unique service, we continuously stretch our team’s capabilities and offer opportunities for growth with every challenge that is presented to them. By taking on multiple customers and projects at the same time, we challenge our employees to stretch their capabilities and provide a good environment for growth and development in a variety of areas. The training, growth, and development areas offered by Q-Value to its employees translates into highly motivated team members who go above and beyond to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. Our business model creates value for customers through our development of your supply chain at a very low cost. Having the Q-Value team on-board eliminates the need for our customers to have boots on the ground for Asian sourcing options. When the Q-Value team fills those shoes, it allows our customers to spend less time on engineering, quality management, and full materials management and more time on their core business of development new successful products. The services we offer that add value to both our customers and employees translate to a success that is valuable for investors, who continue to support our company’s dynamic growth and unique opportunities in the business world.

Martin Eleveld
President of Q-Value Add Sdn. Bhd.