The QV Add-vantage

Value of Services

Q-Value Add understands the importance of high-quality, cost-effective goods. Oftentimes “lower-cost manufacturing” can lead to a diminished quality of products or unexpected operational costs as companies work to resolve quality issues with their products. Q-Value Add exists to ensure that our customers receive the highest-quality products at the most cost-effective prices. Q-Value team members work with clients to optimize product designs for manufacturing, identifying the highest quality components and suppliers for each step of the development process. Q-Value’s team of qualified experts offer a complete package of total product lifecycle management tools, from design and engineering during conceptualization, to professional program management and quality control during manufacturing, to logistical support and end-of-life management for the end products. Our services remove uncertainty from your product’s development process and add a guarantee of creating and managing a successful product that your business will be proud of, consumers will want to buy, and investors will be interested in.

Value of People

We enrich our employees’ professional lives and they enrich our business. We believe in offering an environment which promotes growth and embraces change. This allows our team to excel in an ever expanding marketplace and deliver the highest quality of service. Our employees are the core of our business, and through mutual growth and development we ensure that our team is the best-in-class in their particular niche. Whether it be design and engineering or procurement and program management, we have the best of the best and only strive to continue growing. Our team is fluent in several languages, allowing them to seamlessly interface with customers and/or suppliers in their preferred language. Our turnover is low and our growth is high, meaning that our customers can expect a team member who understands the market, your business, and knows how to tailor the best solutions for your products.

Value of Location

Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, Q-Value’s home-base offers a prime environment for customers looking to outsource their manufacturing and supplier management services to Asia. Malaysia offers several unique benefits not found in many other low-cost manufacturing countries, including an established infrastructure for manufacturing which is continuously being developed and improved on by funding through the government; a multi-cultural environment which can facilitate communication between customers and suppliers; a healthy and growing economic environment where companies are thriving and investing in their employees, their products and services, and their infrastructure; a very stable socio-political environment; and lastly, its central location in Asia provides ease of access to other manufacturing hubs, including Thailand and China. Our offices in Malaysia, Thailand, and China ensure that we have the ability to work with the most qualified, specialized suppliers in the market.