Management Background

FP Soo

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. FP Soo founded Q-Value Add in 2002 and serves as CEO of the company. Mr. Soo leads Q-Value Add’s financing and fundraising efforts as well as managing mergers and acquisitions activities. Mr. Soo has provided clear leadership and innovative direction for Q-Value Add’s growing business over the last 12 years. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and management, his extensive knowledge of various industries’ processes and practices have made him an invaluable entrepreneur and business leader. Mr. Soo’s keen business sense and drive for the highest quality standards led him to multiple promotions at his previous role at Paradigm Precision Components Sdn. Bhd. (PPC), eventually leading to his position of Group Executive Director of Operations before leaving in 2002. His expertise also includes 11 years in quality control at Hitachi Semiconductor and seven years as General Manager at Precision Machining and Stamping. Mr. Soo’s competitive nature and determination coupled with a gifted insight that surpasses his years has earned him the respect of the entire Q-Value family and their business partners.




WK Wong

Director of Materials

Mr. Wong serves as the Director of Materials at Q-Value and has been instrumental in managing supply chain solutions with the company. Mr. Wong is one of the original Q-Value team members, having joined the company in 2002. In addition to leading the materials, purchasing, and sourcing teams at Q-Value, Mr. Wong has also developed the company’s successful policies and procedures in the areas of procurement, inventory control, storage and distribution, and logistics. Prior to his time with Q-Value, Mr. Wong worked on numerous projects for the wireless, telecommunications, medical, and semiconductor industries at Paradigm Corporation in Penang, Malaysia. While working at Paradigm, Mr. Wong had the opportunity to work on metal stamping and sheet metal processing projects. After completing his Associates-level Technical Engineering program in 1992, Mr. Wong joined Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Co. While there, he gained a broad range of skills through his work on complex machining solutions such as CNC milling, CNC lathing, grinding, and wire cutting.


ST Lim

Director of Quality Assurance

Mr. Lim joined Q-Value Add in 2012 and serves as the company's Director of Quality Assurance. In this role, Mr. Lim works with customers to ensure that their needs and expectations are identified, understood and fulfilled to the highest degree of quality service by our teams. Mr. Lim has 12 years of program management experience, interfacing with customers to manage new project development processes. He also has over 10 years of experience in various quality functions in the manufacturing industry with a focus on automotive and hard disk drive (HDD) components. In these roles, Mr. Lim was charged with setting up Quality Assurance groups within his company and supporting new product transfers from Europe and the United States to Malaysia. Previous clients of his include Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, IBM, Seagate, Maxtor and Iomega. Mr. Lim holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from the University Sains Malaysia.


KW Loh

Director of Administration

Mr. KW Loh serves as the Director of Administration at Q-Value Add. Mr. Loh is responsible for all aspects of financial management, including all budget forecasting and corporate reporting, determining project feasibility, managing internal controls, and inventory valuation. Mr. Loh’s expertise in managing finance, purchasing, and information technology (IT) teams as well as human resources and administration has been vital in supporting Q-Value’s growth over the last several years. Mr. Loh has over 15 years of experience in a diverse range of business disciplines in various industries, including property management, precision machining, investment holdings, and garments and textiles. Prior to Q-Value, Mr. Loh served as Operations Analyst at LIPO Corporation Berhad (Holding company) and as Finance Manager at Paradigm Precision Components Sdn. Bhd. (LiPO’s Subsidiary Company) and as Account Supervisor at DNP Holding Bhd. Mr. Loh holds a Diploma in Accounting and Business Administration from Pearson’s London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) school and has completed the first two stages of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification process.